Editorial Board


  • LEE, Seungjae ID
    University of Seoul

Vice Editor-in-Chief

  • KIM, Yong JinID
    Inha University

Editorial Members

  • KANG, SeungmoID
    Korea University
  • KWON, Oh HoonID
    Keimyung University
  • KIM, DaejinID
    Inha University
  • KIM, Sung HooID
    Hanyang University
  • Kim, SujiID
    Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements
  • KIM, Seoung-BumID
    Gyeongsang National University
  • KIM, Eui-JinID
    Ajou University
  • KIM, JunghwaID
    Kyonggi University
  • KIM, HyeonmiID
    Korea Aerospace University
  • KIM, HyungjooID
    Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology
  • NAM, DaisikID
    Inha University
  • PARK, MinchoulID
    Korea National University of Transportation
  • PARK, ChanwoonID
    Incheon Institute
  • BANG, SoohyukID
    The Korea Transport Institute
  • SUNG, HongmoID
    The Korea Transport Institute
  • SON, Seung-ohID
    Korea Railroad Research Institute
  • YEO, JihoID
    Gachon University
  • WOO, SoominID
    Konkuk University
  • YOON, GyugeunID
    Seoul National University
  • LEE, SeunghyeonID
    University of Seoul
  • LEE, JooyongID
    Kyonggi University
  • JUNG, IntaekID
    Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology
  • JUNG, Paul HayoungID
    Inha University
  • CHO, WooKeolID
    Korea Railroad Research Institute
  • CHO, JungwooID
    Korea Transport Institute
  • CHO, JunhanID
    Samsung Traffic Safety Research Institute
  • HAN, EumID
    Korea Road Traffic Authority
  • HUR, Sung HoID
    Seoul National University
  • HONG, Sang YeonID
    The Seoul Institute
  • HWANG, JinukID
    Pusan National University
  • Brian Jinwoo LeeID
    The University of New South Wales, Sydney
  • Bumsik KimID
    Texas A&M Transportation Institute
  • Lee, JaeyoungID
    Central South University
  • Jee Eun (Jamie) KangID
    University at Buffalo
  • Min-Wook KangID
    University of South Alabama
  • Seock-Jin HongID
    University of North Texas
  • Seongjin ChoiID
    University of Minnesota
  • Seri ParkID
    University of Nevada, Reno
  • Sunghoon JangID
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Tae J. KwonID
    University of Alberta
  • Woon KimID
    Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • Yonghoon KimID
    University of Windsor