Publisher Information

1. Name of the Society

Korean Society of Transportation

2. Establishment and Corporate Registration

Establishment: 18 November 1982

Corporate Registration: 15 April 1989

3. Objective of Establishment

The society contributes to the development of transportation engineering, economics, planning, management, administration and policy by studying and applying academic and technology related to transportation such as road, railway, shipping, aviation and distribution. It also aims to contribute to the development of the nation by promoting friendship among members.

4. Publication

Journal of Korean Society of Transportation (bi-monthly) - Year of Launching (April 1983),  in Korean

Transportation Technology and Policy (bi-monthly) - Year of Launching (June 2004), in Korean

International Journal of Sustainable Transportation (bi-monthly, SSCI published by Taylor and Francis) - Year of Launching (January-March 2007), in English

5. Membership

Regular members: 4,637 persons

Organization members: 141 groups

Institution members: 16 institutions